5 Best Android Tablet Apps For College Students

5 Best Android Tablet Apps For College Students

Over 80% of American students attest to the enhanced learning experience brought about by using tablets in school. Teachers equally support this move saying that portable technology enhances a rich classroom experience.

While studying is a tiresome task, it does not have to be boring. New apps make it easy to access information on different platforms focusing and streamlining your work, thus increasing your productivity.

It is easy to get lost in ideas and notes, and study apps come in handy in working efficiently, creating citations, and practical work organization. So, without further ado, let us check some of the best Android apps for college students.


In college, we all know that notes are everything, and Evernote helps you keep everything in order. You can use the app as a digital binder and organize all your coursework and information in a notebook structure. This keeps everything organized together. You can also use the Evernote app to scan handwritten notes or even take snapshots of handouts and whiteboards. It uses character recognition tools to make the handwritten words searchable.

With Evernote, you cannot miss important points in lectures where it is permitted. You can use the app on your tablet to make audio recordings of lectures and group discussions to complement your class notes.

With Evernote, it is also possible to highlight your notes and significant sections of your syllabus. You can add texts, arrows, and other shapes to draw attention to what is essential in your text. The additional advantage of Evernote is the ability to manage your to-do lists on assignments and project deliverables.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is an excellent app for planning exams, classes and tracking their Android tablets’ grades. Setting up your iStudiez Pro takes time, but it is worth it. You need to go to the planner on iStudiez and set up the terms for your classes. Another good thing about this app is that you can sync all your school data across all your devices. You can put an assignment on your phone and access it from your tablet. You don’t have to input all your classes on every device. The sync works pretty well and places all information across all devices. The app controls are on top of the screen with scheduling buttons for both the


This is the easiest way to practice and master what you are learning. You can create custom flashcards and study sets chosen from millions of other students. Quizlet is the leading language learning app, making languages, history, and vocabulary easy and straightforward. This app has over more than 50 million monthly users.

Quizlet makes it easy for you to get ready for tests and learn and put your memory to the test. You can also race against time in a game of the match. You can upload your material to the app and listen to it correctly in 18 different languages. Furthermore, you can also customize your test exams when studying for test concepts or midterm exams. Likewise, you can customize the learning app for foreign languages effectively using modes that allow you to learn any subject and perfect your word pronunciation.

There are unlimited numbers of classes and premium features that make it possible for you to speed through a test, assignments, or homework.

My Study Life

My Study Life is a cross-platform for both students and teachers. It is designed to make study life more accessible and manageable. You can store classes, exams, and homework wherever you are, making it available for you on any device you might be on.

This app has an advantage over the traditional planner. It integrates all academic life areas giving an account of upcoming classes, upcoming exams, conflicting classes, and revision tasks for an exam. It is optimized to document your school life right from supporting the weekly and daily rotation schedules.

The app syncs all your data and reminds you of revisions, assignments, homework, and other reminders.

If you are struggling with your essays or other academic assignments, you can always find pro essay writers for hire at AdvancedWriters.com and get custom writing assistance from experts.

It is cloud-supported, thus making it easy to access your information from any platform.

Your daily and weekly timetables have advanced academic year support with significant integration tasks that make you question how you possibly managed without it.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha has cascaded through the education system and made it very easy for students to solve their college homework. It breaks mathematical questions by placing them in the format of Google Search questions. It uses artificial intelligence to solve complex questions by employing a natural processing language. It gives an academic shortcut that is better than just copying off work from friends. It gives you a step-by-step solution to questions that make it easier than following the explanation and understanding the procedure.

The datasets are constantly being expanded, and you can cross-reference your work across a massive library. These datasets include information on geodesic schemes, weather measurements, and thousands of topics that can provide answers when brought together. It is a vast educational asset that has filled a big void in how we learn.

Wolfram Alpha goes beyond the walls of the classroom. Some hire engineers to use it in their qualitative analysis work. As long as there’s data available, it crunches the numbers. The backend reports are beautiful, shareable, and easily downloadable.

The technology world has permeated every aspect of our lives, enabling us to do things quicker and better, saving time simultaneously. As it cuts through all aspects of our lives, the education industry is no exception. The impact can be felt as the technology wave has made accessibility of information a modern-day reality. The dynamic shift has led to a change in direction, and as Joan Young said, “If we teach our children the knowledge of yesterday, we will rob them of their tomorrow.”

Transformative cloud-based technologies have made it easy to overcome students’ and instructors’ challenges in the classic era.

Not only do they improve student life, but they also make networking a reality. Students can create an interactive environment through notifications, chat rooms, and education forums. It is now possible to track all activities, timetables, grades, events, news, transport, and more.

The dashboard reports and user optimized experiences give critical information for students and administrators to make informed decisions.

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