Add Admob ads in recyclerview in android

How to add admob native ads to recyclerview in android java

Example of Admob native ad shown in a recyclerview in android

Adding admob native ads into android recyclerview isn’t easy like other admob ads. You will need to modify your adaptor file and make some extensive changes in it to successfully load native ads. Below i will explain how to do that

Here is how to add native ads in android recyclerview

To implement AdMob native ads in a RecyclerView in Android, follow these steps

  • 1. **Set up AdMob:**
  • – Add the AdMob SDK to your app’s dependencies.
  • – Create an AdMob account, set up an ad unit for native ads, and get the ad unit ID.
  • 2. **Add Native Ad Template:**
  • – Create a layout XML file that represents the template for your native ad. This layout will define how the ad should be displayed within each RecyclerView item.
  • 3. **Create Adapter:**
  • – Create an adapter for your RecyclerView. This adapter should handle both your regular content items and the native ad items.
  • 4. **Override `getItemViewType`:**
  • – Override the `getItemViewType` method in your adapter to return different view types for regular items and native ad items.
  • 5. **Inflate Views:**
  • – In the `onCreateViewHolder` method of your adapter, inflate the appropriate layout based on the view type.
  • 6. **Bind Data:**
  • – In the `onBindViewHolder` method, check the view type and bind data accordingly. For native ad items, load and bind the native ad using the AdLoader class.
  • 7. **Load Native Ads:**
  • – Implement an `AdLoader` to load native ads in your adapter’s `onBindViewHolder` for ad items. Attach a listener to handle the loaded ad and bind it to the native ad view in your template.
  • 8. **Lifecycle Management:**
  • – Handle the lifecycle of native ads. Make sure to release resources and clean up when the RecyclerView items are recycled or the activity/fragment is destroyed.
  • 9. **Test and Optimize:**
  • – Test the implementation thoroughly to ensure that ads are loading and being displayed correctly. Monitor your app’s performance and optimize the ad loading process for smooth user experience.
  • Remember to follow AdMob’s policies and guidelines for displaying ads in your app. AdMob’s official documentation provides more detailed information and code examples for integrating native ads into a RecyclerView.

Example code

public class MyAdapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter {private static final int VIEW_TYPE_CONTENT = 0; private static final int VIEW_TYPE_AD = 1; private List<Object> items; // Your list of content items and native ads // Constructor to initialize the list 
public MyAdapter(List<Object> items) { this.items = items; } @NonNull @Override public RecyclerView.ViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(@NonNull ViewGroup parent, int viewType) { LayoutInflater inflater = LayoutInflater.from(parent.getContext()); if (viewType == VIEW_TYPE_CONTENT) { // Inflate regular content item layout View 
itemView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.item_content, parent, false); return new ContentViewHolder(itemView); } else { // Inflate native ad template layout View
 adView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.item_native_ad, parent, false); return new AdViewHolder(adView); } } @Override public void onBindViewHolder(@NonNull RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder, int position) { Object item = items.get(position); if (holder instanceof ContentViewHolder) { // Bind regular content item 
 ContentViewHolder contentViewHolder = (ContentViewHolder) holder; // Bind content data to 
 contentViewHolder } else if (holder instanceof AdViewHolder) { // Bind native ad AdViewHolder adViewHolder 
 = (AdViewHolder) holder; NativeAd nativeAd = (NativeAd) item; // Assume NativeAd is your ad model // Bind 
 native ad data to adViewHolder } } @Override public int getItemViewType(int position) { Object item = items.get(position); if (item instanceof NativeAd) { return VIEW_TYPE_AD; } else { return VIEW_TYPE_CONTENT; } } @Override public int getItemCount() { return items.size(); } // ViewHolder classes 
 private static class ContentViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder { // Initialize content item views 
 public ContentViewHolder(@NonNull View itemView) { super(itemView); } } private static class AdViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder { // Initialize native ad views public AdViewHolder(@NonNull View itemView) 
 { super(itemView); } } }

I hope this tutorial helps you. If you need support in adding admob native ad in your recyclerview, just contact us here. We will fix your recycler view and add admob native ads, through anydesk or by sending your project to us.

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