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How to Make Android Webview Support Razorpay Payments and UPI

Wednesday, February 14, 2024, 7 AM

Android webview is inexpensive and easy way to make apps for websites. But to support some specific features of a website, for example - File upload, download, window handling etc, the webview will require additional coding.

android webview app source code

The Razorpay payment is such a feature that may readily not support in webview because to support razorpay redirection and window processing, additional codes must be added in webview activity.

How to add the codes to support razorpay?

The easiest solution is to use the Advanced plus WebView Source Code

This code supports razorpay payment and many other features (notificdation, upload, download, dark mode etc.). Using this source code, you can easily make android app for any websites, no need any coding. All you need is just set your website link, app icon, color etc. which you can easily do using our video documentation and we also provide free customer support for any issues you face with the code.

To know more and download the source code, head over to this page Download Android Webview App Source Code Template


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