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Build Android App for your Ecommerce Website

Tuesday, February 13, 2024, 6 PM

If you're planning to launch an e-commerce business for yourself or for clients, a good android app is important to reach a great amount of customers.

We are android developers and have created android apps for our customers who needed app for their Ecommerce websites. We create responsive and real android apps coded in Android Studio, the apps that will match your site's colors, theme and functions.

Unlike online android app making programs, our apps are original that can be uploaded to Google playstore and updated in future, signed with keys, and can be edited later in any computer that can run android studio.


The charge for creating an app depends on the requirements, the most basic app for e-commerce costs $25 or ₹900, we will build your app with your requirements in around 4 hours

Our App Features

In e-commerce apps, some important features are speed, simplicity and a eye-catchy user interface, we build just that. Some of our app features are these:

  • Your own logo
  • Color that matches your website
  • Payment Support
  • Animation logos on start (splash)
  • Responsiveness
  • App menu that can host links to your products
  • File downloads support
  • File upload support
  • Whatsapp share, other social share
  • Onesignal notification (let customers know your latest products or delivery and other notification s)
  • Custom error page etc

For more details and creating your app, please contact us on


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Email: [email protected]

Phone No: +9196 3303 9471

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