Download Android Image Search API App Source Code

Android Wallpaper Search App Source Code Download for Android Studio

This is the android source code of HD Images and Wallpapers Search App. This is a native android app that is built with Android Studio and the images are loaded from via API call. Using this source code, you can build a nice wallpaper or images search app, or you can use the code to learn the source code for other apps you are developing

Pixabay has thousands of images and all images there are free to use, so your customers can use it anywhere free of cost. The app has options to Download, share or set the images as wallpaper etc.

Preview Screens


Supported Features

  • Download Images in HD
  • Share Images directly to other apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc
  • Set image as wallpaper, profile picture etc
  • Inapp Search allows to search and download 10000s of Images / wallpapers
  • Drawer navigation menu of different search categories
  • Customizable app colors and icon
  • 100% written in java
  • Splash
  • Loading Progress Bar
  • Admob ads

Download Demo App here

Download the Code

Source Code Price : $10

The code can be purchased using PayPal, PayTm, Google Pay or any other supported payment options in your country. After successful payment, the source code will be sent to you in zip file by email, whatsapp, link etc

How to Purchase

Just contact me using one of the Contact Options below or pay using PayPal now to download instantly

WhatsApp (+91 963 303 9471)

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