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android remote webview app source code download

Download Android Remote Webview App Source Code with Admin Panel

Sunday, March 31, 2024, 7 AM

The remote webview source code is one of the most useful android webview app source codes that can be used to create android app for any website and design and control it remotely from your website via the advanced admin panel

download android webview app source code
Android Remote WebView App Source Code

This android webview app source code can be used to make app for all type of websites including shopping, ecommerce, news sites, dating sites, blogs etc and control them remotely.

Access admin panel >>

download demo
Download demo app

$20 (₹880 Rupees)

Buy this source code now!



  • Control app remotely from your website
  • Set any website link remotely
  • Hide and show menus and other features remotely
  • Navigation menus: Bottom, left drawer menu
  • Change menu icons, menu texts and menu links or actions remotely
  • Change app colors remotely
  • Powerful advanced+ webview app engine
  • Webview supports permissions, notifications, file upload (camera, local) and download etc.
  • Remote unlimited notifications send system from admin panel
  • App update notify feature
  • One signal notification support
  • Remotely customisable Onboarding Screen (Welcome slider)
  • Custom network error page
  • Custom progress bars
  • Swipe refresh
  • Dark theme
  • And many more features..


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