Download Android Remote Webview Source Code with Admin Panel

Download Android Remote WebView App Source Code – Website to App Remote WebView Ready Made Full Source Code Template 2023

Article Updated On : June 8, 2023

This is a professional android app source code that can convert your website to app with highly advanced functions and app can be controlled from your website from admin panel

RemoteX WebView App Source Code 

This code is excellent for all types of websites including Ecommerce, Shopping, Ebook reader, Streaming, Offline website, Dating, Navigation, News etc

Price: $25 USD

₹1800 INR

Access Admin Panel >>

Install Demo APP (APK)

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RemoteX WebView is a professional and simple, Easy to Use Android Native WebView Template Source Code with amazing features that can be controlled remotely from your website.

No coding required, just upload a small file (under 10KB) in your website and then copy its link then open Android Studio and set your app icon, your website server link and colors etc in Android Studio, then other things can be done remotely and you can easily do it using the documentation and it will be ready to run and upload to Google Play Store. It is best value for the price and can be very useful for all website owners.

Supported Remote Functions

The following features can be changed remotely from your Admin Panel

  • Change website links
  • Show or Hide bottom bar
  • Show or Hide Toolbar
  • Show or Hide left drawer menu
  • Drawer menu icon is changeable 
  • Drawer menu icon function can be set to open drawer menu or load command or URL
  • Change all icons of bottombar
  • Change all icons and texts of drawer menu
  • Supports commands or links to each items in bottombar or other menus
  • Change toolbar and statusbar background color
  • Change toolbar Title text and color
  • Drawer menu header image and text can be changed, header image is clickable to load a command or URL
  • Show or hide admob ads (banner & interstitial)
  • Change onesignal ID 
  • Change Splash image
  • Inapp App Update Feature
  • Enhanced Custom Error Page
  • Show or Hide floating button
  • Floating button link or function & image can be changed
  • Set or unset the app to load only current website links (outside links open externally)

How it works

  1. Download RemoteX WebView Source Code
  2. Upload the Admin Panel file to your website and copy its direct link
  3. Extract and import the RemoteX WebView source code to Android Studio
  4. Paste the configuration link 🔗 in the source code
  5. Change app name, package id, colores etc and build app. That’s it, you can now change app UI and functions remotely

RemoteX App Features

  • Import it in Android Studio ( Android Studio > Open > Remotex Webview )
  • New Android developer friendly ( you are new to Android development?, No problem, this code is simple for beginners)
  • Completely developed in Android Studio
  • 100% written in java (Kotlin conversion supported)
  • Very easy to Set Up, No coding needed
  • Free Customer Support  (by AnyDesk, TeamViewer, call, WhatsApp)
  • Turn on or Turn Off features (example: top bar toolbar, menu, side drawer menu , bottom bar…. etc. easily from your website
  • Splash on App Start
  • Auto Expand / Collapsing Toolbar on scroll
  • Different Progress Bars 
  • Custom Network Error Page
  • Auto reconnection feature
  • Manifest & Runtime Permissions
  • Files Upload Support
  • Files Download Support
  • Google Admob Banner ADS (earn money from your app with google ads)
  • Google Admob Interstitial ADS
  • WhatsApp share, WhatsApp opening, Google Play store opening, Facebook share etc. supported
  • Opening External Apps from WebView (WhatsApp, YouTube, facebook, instagram etc)
  • Unknown URL Schemes Support (call, sms, open email app, open whatsApp etc)
  • Telegram Support
  • JavaScript and Cookies
  • Swipe Refresh (pull down to refresh)
  • Settings Activity
  • Full screen Video Support
  • Auth0 Login Support (Login using Facebook, google etc via Multi Window)
  • Advanced Multi Window
  • One Signal Push Notification (Send your customers notification alert or message about new products or services)
  • Firebase support
  • One Signal in-app messaging
  • Dark Theme
  • Drawer Navigation Menu
  • Bottom Navigation Bar
  • UPI Support
  • Deep linking
  • GPS Access
  • Night Mode (web contents turns dark) 
  • Web camera access (new)
  • Microphone access (new)
  • Reload Last page when app restarting (new)
  • Quick Contact Customizable Button  (whatsApp) (new)
  • Opening & Sharing Downloaded files (new)
  • Admin Panel Available

Note: In the demo app, you will see many features like bottom bar, drawer menu (left menu), Toolbar, Too many permissions, etc. This is here to just show you the features, you can disable those features remotely and enable only the features you need. This can be easily done

Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase this code?

With PayPal, GooglePay, PayTM, PhonePe or UPI. Contact us to purchase using UPI methods

For payPal: you can use the “Buy now” button to purchase using PayPal, if the button doesn’t work – you can send payment to this email address on PayPal (

If you don’t want use PayPal or if PayPal is not supported in your country, just contact us we can help you with alternative payment methods.

What is this source code?

Simply, it is code to make android app easily for your website, RemoteX WebView is a Source Code for android that can be used to convert your website to android App easily, you can change color, website link, theme, app icon etc and control functions and look of app remotely from your website

It is a Source Code for android that is used all over the world by thousands of users and website owners increasing customers and traffic in their websites because having a mobile app for your website can increase traffic and sales of your website up to 100X.

This source code can be used by anyone, you don’t need programming knowledge. All you need to do is just set your website link, theme, app icon etc. in this source code and make a powerful app under 15 minutes!

You can also set your own color, icons etc. to make it match with your website look.

How do I use it to make my app for my website?

To use this source code to make app, you need install Android Studio in your computer, after installation, you can watch our video documentation to easily make app. We have provided all steps to use the code easily even by a person with no prior programming skills

Do you provide support after purchase?

Sure, we know support is important and we will provide free support until you are able to build the APP completely, if you get stuck, we can also help you by Any Desk, TeamViewer, Call, WhatsApp etc.

Can I upload the app built with this source code to PlayStore & other App stores?

Yes, apps built with the code can be uploaded to Google Play Store & other App stores. But you must make sure your app complies with the app store’s policies

If I have another App uploaded to play store already, can I update that app with the new app built with this code?

Yes, but you should use the same package id of your old app and sign the new app with the same key of old app

Will I get updates of the source code in future?

Yes, you will get code updates for up to 1 year free if you have subscription with us. Otherwise, you will get free updates for 6 months

If I don’t want build app, can you build my app for me?

Yes, we can also build your app with your requirements, you just need send us app details such as app icon, name, color, website link etc. (additional charges apply), even if you purchased the code already and can’t build app, don’t worry we will still build the app for you

Can I remove the menus, toolbar, bottom menu etc. from the app?

Yes, the code is completely customizable, you can hide any item you don’t want in the source code. Most items can be disabled or enabled with setting “false” or “true” in the source code. This is explained in the documentation

Can I request you to add more features in the source code?

Yes, just tell us your requirements, we will add it in the code, if possible. Additional charges may apply

Can I change the app’s color?

Yes, you can change all colors to match it with your website

Can I make some links open outside the app in the browser?

Yes, you can make a specific link or links open outside or inside the app

Can I use JavaScript to manipulate website appearance or execute some advanced functions?

Yes, you can. However, this requires JavaScript knowledge. We can do it if you pay additional

Can I use custom CSS to manipulate the loaded page’s appearance?

Yes, you can. However, this requires CSS knowledge and some native coding. We can do it if you pay additional

Can I execute a specific function in the app such as open QR code scanner, open another app, hide menu etc. from a link on the website?

Yes, you can. However, this requires additional codes. We can do it if you pay additional

Can I hide some part of my website with this code?

Yes, you can hide some parts of a website. Example – footer, menu, header etc. However, this requires additional codes. We can do it if you pay additional

Can I make android apps for my clients using this source code?

Yes, you can make app for personal or for your clients.

How many apps can I make with this code?

You can make 1 app with the code for any websites (including your clients), if you want to make more apps – you can pay $3 for each additional apps you make.

Or you can purchase subscription (Make unlimited apps for 6 months for $30)

After purchase, when will I get code?

In 5 minutes, but you must contact us if it takes longer (Because time zone differences). We are here for you always.

How will you send the source code?

If paid by PayPal, it will auto redirect you to download page after payment. For other payments, we will send code to you through email (google drive share)

More Source Codes

If you want more Source Codes for building different android apps, you can see this Source Codes List

What is a Remote Webview App?

With a remote webview app, you can change the app’s functions remotely from your website, for example – you can change the app’s link, app’s navigation buttons, button icons, button links or button functions, switch on or switch off functions. etc remotely, no need build a new app. Even after you have published the app on playstore, you can change all functions that is assigned in the app.

Why Remote Webview?

We are all familiar with normal webview apps. After building the normal webview app with Android studio, we can’t change any functions of it without rebuilding it again and update the functions you want change.

We all have been in that situations. For example, imagine you need change your website link, so you will need edit your app in android studio and build app again and wait days in que for your app to be updated in playstore.

That’s a lot of waiting. You can wait yes, but your app users may not like it and uninstall your app if they see the app is showing error and in this case, the remote webview app is here for your rescue!.

Not only that, you can switch off or switch on functions, such as bottom toolbar, ads (admob, unity etc), change all links and icons of bottom bar, assign functions to buttons for example – go to back page, share, open settings, home and refresh functions etc.

You can also change your admob and unity ids, show & hide ads, toolbar, bottombar, floating button etc remotely.

You can also add any new custom actions and functions to the app and control it remotely

How it works?

You just need import the source code to Android studio, and upload a small (< 10 KB) configuration file to your website and give it’s link in the source code, that’s it

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