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best android studio android webview app source code

Download Android WebView App Source Code to Convert Website to Mobile App

Monday, November 13, 2023, 2 PM

download android webview app source code
Advanced Plus Webview

This android webview app source code can be used to make app for all type of websites including shopping, ecommerce, news sites, dating sites, blogs etc.

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Download Android WebView App Source Code - Website to App WebView Ready Made Full Source Code Template 2024

Last updated: February, 4 2024

Are you looking for building an android app for your website?

You don't have android programming knowledge and you don't want to spend a lot of money for it?

No problem!

Here is the most advanced and simplest Android WebView Source Code to easily make android app for your websites or any websites yourself, no need any programming knowledge because all you need to do is just change your website link, color and app icon etc. in it.

You can do it easily because we will provide guide and a video documentation, and we will give you fast customer support through WhatsApp, Email, Telegram or phone call etc.

Note: Do you need an android developer to convert your website to Android App? We can convert your website to android app in 2 hours! We will also make any type of android apps. Contact us for more info

Android WebView App SourceCode features

Note: if you don't need a feature in your app, for example: header, bottom navigation bar etc., you can disable it with just typing "false" and enable just by "true"

  • Programmed language: Java
  • Fully developed in Android Studio
  • Supports Latest Android 14 (Target SDK 34)
  • Updated to googlePlay target API 33 - 34 Requirement
  • Targeting Latest Android SDK
  • Fully compatible in Google PlayStore
  • Splash on app opening to show your logo and website name
  • Progress bars (horizontal, circular, native)
  • You can change full colors of app.
  • All files upload support
  • Supports camera image upload
  • All files download support.
  • Download Manager (new)
  • Open or share downloaded files.
  • Permission handling
  • Custom network error page
  • Unknown URL Schemes support (Email, WhatsApp, Phone. etc.)
  • WhatsApp, Telegram, PlayStore etc opening support
  • Open links in browser or in the app
  • UPI support
  • Fullscreen video support
  • Multi window support (target_blank)
  • Deep Linking
  • GPS location
  • Push Notification (OneSignal, Firebase Messaging)
  • Dark theme
  • Night mode
  • Swipe refresh
  • Option menu (top right menu)
  • Left drawer menu
  • Bottom navigation menu
  • Custom floating button
  • Welcome slider (onboarding screen)
  • Links list
  • You can hide unwanted items such as menus, QR reader, bottom navigation etc.
  • QR Code Scanner (you can hide it if not wanted)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase this code?

With PayPal, GooglePay, PayTM, PhonePe, or UPI. Contact us to purchase using UPI methods. For PayPal: you can use the "Buy now" button to purchase using PayPal. If the button doesn't work, you can send payment to this email address on PayPal ([email protected]).

If you don't want to use PayPal or if PayPal is not supported in your country, just contact us, and we can help you with alternative payment methods.

What is this source code?

Simply, Advanced Plus is an android WebView Native source code to make an android app easily for any websites. Advanced Plus WebView is a Source Code for android that is used all over the world by thousands of users and website owners to increase customers and traffic in their websites. Having a mobile app for your website can increase traffic and sales of your website.

This source code can be used by anyone; you don't need programming knowledge. All you need to do is set your website link, theme, app icon, etc., in this source code and make a powerful app under 15 minutes! You can also set your color, icons, etc., to match with your website look.

How do I use it to make my app for my website?

To use this source code to make an app, you need to install Android Studio on your computer. After installation, you can watch our video documentation to easily make an app. We have provided all the steps to use the code easily, even by a person with no prior programming skills.

Do you provide support after purchase?

Yes, we know support is important, and we will provide free support until you are able to build the APP completely. If you get stuck, we can also help you by Any Desk, TeamViewer, Call, WhatsApp, etc.

Can I upload the app built with this source code to PlayStore & other App stores?

Yes, apps built with the code can be uploaded to Google Play Store & other App stores. But you must make sure your app complies with the app store's policies.

If I have another App uploaded to the play store already, can I update that app with the new app built with this code?

Yes, but you should use the same package id of your old app and sign the new app with the same key of the old app.

Will I get updates of the source code in the future?

Yes, you will get code updates for up to 1 year free if you have a subscription with us. Otherwise, you will get free updates for 6 months.

If I don't want to build the app, can you build my app for me?

Yes, we can also build your app with your requirements. You just need to send us app details such as app icon, name, color, website link, etc. (additional charges apply). Even if you purchased the code already and can't build the app, don't worry, we will still build the app for you.

Can I remove the menus, toolbar, bottom menu, etc. from the app?

Yes, the code is completely customizable. You can hide any item you don't want in the source code. Most items can be disabled or enabled with the setting "false" or "true" in the source code. This is explained in the documentation.

Can I request you to add more features in the source code?

Yes, just tell us your requirements, and we will add it to the code if possible. Additional charges may apply.

Can I change the app's color?

Yes, you can change all colors to match it with your website.

Can i make some links open outside the app?

Yes, you can make a specific link or links open outside or inside the app.

Can I use JavaScript to manipulate website appearance or execute some advanced functions?

Yes, you can. However, this requires JavaScript knowledge. We can do it if you pay additional.

Can I use custom CSS to manipulate the loaded page's appearance?

Yes, you can. However, this requires CSS knowledge and some native coding. We can do it if you pay additional.

Can I execute a specific function in the app such as open QR code scanner, open another app, hide menu etc. from a link on the website?

Yes, you can. However, this requires additional codes. We can do it if you pay additional.

Can I hide some part of my website with this code?

Yes, you can hide some parts of a website. For example, footer, menu, header, etc. However, this requires additional codes. We can do it if you pay additional.

Can I make Android apps for my clients using this source code?

Yes, you can make apps for personal or for your clients.

How many apps can I make with this code?

You can make unlimited apps with the code for any websites (including your clients). you can pay $3 for each additional app you make after first ones. Alternatively, you can purchase a subscription (Make unlimited apps for 6 months for $30).

After purchase, when will I get code?

In 5 minutes, but you must contact us if it takes longer (Because of time zone differences). We are here for you always.

How will you send the source code?

If paid by PayPal, it will auto redirect you to the download page after payment. For other payments, we will send the code to you through email (Google Drive share).

Why purchase source codes from us?

Best customer service and support

We are independent developers. We want to be a good business that people can trust. So, we will provide you the best customer service and support.

We charge less compared to other places like codecanyon

Code canyon and other places can be expensive for young Android developers and for people who don't have much money. We charge less so everyone can afford source codes.

Hundreds of happy Customers

We have sold our source codes to hundreds of customers, and we helped them set up their projects. All happy customers.


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