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Enter Joystick Driver Download

Thursday, March 7, 2024, 3 PM

Enter (Enter here is a gadgets company) gamepads or joystick are inexpensive game controller gadgets for Windows

I test played a game that has native xbox controller support option in its settings and it doesn't seem to be working with this controller, the game i tested is bioshock and the joystick doesn't work at all on this game.

However, you can make the enter gamepad controller work with any game! Yes, it is possible. But how? Read on.

How to play any game with Enter Joystick Gamepad controller?

You can play any PC game with this controller by mapping the joystick controller's keys to the keyboard of your PC.

How does this work is simple, if a game is controllable by keyboard, for example, W key to move the character up, then you can set that key to one of the joystick keys, for that to work, you first need to download and install the driver of the controller from below


Now after downloading, install the driver, and then type "USB Joystick" in windows search bar, it should appear in search results.

Now, open it and go to advanced settings, there you can remap the joystick keys to keyboard keys.


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