How to Get Free HTTPS SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website

Free HTTPS SSL for your website

Today, SSL certificate is important for security, for the visitors to trust your site and for good search ranking on search engines etc.

What is an SSL Certificate actually?

It is a certificate that issued to you to certify that your website encrypt the data of your visitors when transferring to your servers. SSL certificate is required by the law actually if you are receiving payment from your visitors through credit debit cards.

What if i don’t have an SSL certificate for my website?

Most browsers will warn users about the insecurity of your website when they are visiting, this warning will turn away visitors because they fear that your site is not secure for them to visit. Your search ranking on search engines will be affected, your traffic will be low

So having an SSL certificate is a worthy investment, but yes you can have a free SSL certificate with a service called Cloud Flare. Usually Your domain company or hosting company might ask you to pay a monthly fee to get SSL certificate for your website. But you don’t have to pay anything with the service of Cloud Flare.

This site zidsworld runs through cloud flare so of course the certificate of this website is provided by cloud flare for absolutely at no cost.

Cloud Flare not only gives you a free SSL, they also boost your site loading speed and improve your site overall for performance. they have upgrade plans for even better optimization of your website

How to get a free SSL certificate with Cloud Flare?

Kinda easy, you need install a plugin. The plugin name is “Cloud Flare”. You can directly download it from this link or go to your WordPress admin panel and search for it in the plugins sections.

After installing the plugin, you need to activate it and follow the instructions and tweak a few settings in the cloud flare settings page. You will need change your name server addresses to the servers they provide in the cPanel.

And at the end of every settings you have done, You will be amazed to realize that your website now has https:// prefix in the address bar. You can view it when you are loading your website in a standard browser.

Having any difficulty? Drop a comment below, i am here to try help you.

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