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How to Know if Someone Blocked you On Facebook and Messenger

Sunday, November 19, 2023, 4 AM

Many people use Facebook to connect with friends, family, and to meet new people. For some of us, it is like we wake up in the morning, and the first thing we do is open Facebook and look what is new with the world around us.

Facebook has helped and is helping a lot of people to stay connected with those who matter to them, no matter where they are. Even when they are oceans apart - we can still know what's new with them because of the pictures, memories, and events they share. But, even though Facebook is helping people to keep in touch, it has also negatively affected relationships, caused breakups, misunderstandings, etc., and many negative impacts on personal relationships.

When I researched various parts of Facebook messenger, different messenger apps, including Facebook lite, etc., I found some privacy issues that can cause misunderstandings in relationships.

Main culprits are the ''Online" and "Active now" signs even when the person is not online. There is not a complete solution on the messaging part of Facebook to totally disable or hide your online status.

Privacy problems I noticed on Facebook messenger

  • It says you are Online or active now even when you are not online
  • Facebook lite makes you appear online for almost an hour or more even after you opened another app. This issue can cause your loved ones to think that you are ignoring them.
  • Sometimes when I try to message a girl I'm having a relationship with on Facebook, it says "This person is not available now," a common alert that shows usually only when someone blocks you on messenger. This caused heartache to me because I had talked to her even the previous night before going to sleep. The sudden false-alert caused sadness and anger to me that sparked a fight with her. Later, I knew she never blocked me, and it was a false alert. See?

Facebook should take these serious privacy problems to consideration and find solutions.

So let's come to the point. How to know if someone has blocked you on messenger or on the entire Facebook? It is easy. I know it's hard to cope when someone who is dear to you blocks you on Facebook, but we should move on.

Because if a person blocks you, that means he/she doesn't want to talk to you anymore or you are annoying them. So it's time to move on.

Keep in mind that from my experience, Facebook messenger is unstable because you see I thought my gf blocked me, and I had a fight with her, but she didn't. So make sure she/he really blocked you from these tips.

Facebook blocked alert 1

"You can't reply to this conversation"

There are 2 common reasons for this message to appear:

  1. Reason 1: This is the message that you see at the bottom of your messenger when someone blocks you totally on Facebook. Totally means that the person has blocked your profile, and you can't see the person's Facebook profile, timeline, photos, or events anymore. That person will not appear even in the Facebook search results.

2. Reason 2: The person deleted or deactivated their Facebook account.

In both cases, when you are trying to view the person's profile, it will show the message "Content not available" in the Facebook official app

Facebook blocked Alert 2

"This person is not receiving messages from you now"

This can mean that the person has blocked you just on the messenger, not on Facebook. That means you can't message this person anymore on Facebook messenger unless he/she unblocks you.

Keep in mind this also can be caused by some Facebook server error or glitch, so before you engage in a fight with that person, make sure they did so (Like the fight I had with my gf).

How to make sure a person has really blocked you totally on Facebook or deleted their Facebook account?

To make sure a person has really blocked you on Facebook, search that person's name on Facebook using another Facebook account of yours or from your friend's account.

If the person is appearing in search results of other accounts but not in yours, then the person has blocked you.

If the person is not appearing in any search results of any Facebook accounts, then that person has deactivated or deleted their Facebook account.

How to hide my online status on Facebook?

Here is a fix that may hide your online status to some extent, but this will not work with the messenger app.

To hide your online status, simply turn the "chat off". The chat option can be found somewhere in the Facebook app user interface.

Let me know if this helped you...


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