How to Publish an Android App to Google PlayStore

How to Publish your Android app to Playstore

So, after working loads of hours of coding and designing, you have built a nice Android app that you want the world to see, you have came to the right place, here you can get some guidance on publishing your Android app to the world’s number 1 Android app store, yes the Google Play Store.

Why publish your app on Google Play Store?

For a lot of people to see and install your amazing app, Google play store is the right place, because it is the preferred, inbuilt app store in millions of Android devices around the world, it has more exposure for apps than any other app stores.

Google owns Android OS and Play store has been coming already installed in Android devices when people buying them, so people obviously will use play store.

So how to publish an app on playstore?

You need a google play developer account

You can make a developer account by going to Google Play Console

Remember, it isn’t free, yes you need pay a one time fee of $25 ($ is american dollar).

That fee is just only one time for your account and according to google, they may refund you that money if you will be closing your developer account later.

Some say that this fee is for keeping the spammers away from playstore, but i doubt the reliability of that claim, anyway.

You will need a (international card) Visa Debit Card or Credit Card. Some cards are not supported for payment of a Google play console account

After creating your developer account, you will be welcomed to the home of the console where you can create listing for your apps.

Keeping your Google Play Developer Account Safe

When it comes to publishing an app, Google is strict, very strict, they should be strict because there are some developers who just steal other hard working people’s properties such as images, graphics, icons, codes etc

They steal it and publish them on playstore which is not really a good practice, if you are making an app, make something original instead of taking intellectual property and copy righted contents.

There are already thousands of apps on playstore that are affected and Google is working on removing them daily and also strict actions such as suspending apps and accounts of bad developers are taken every day.

If your playstore account is suspended, you can’t make another account, all the associated accounts can be terminated and your apps will be removed forever.

Some users report that your apps can take 2 suspensions, the 3rd suspension can terminate your account with no hope of recovery most likely. to be precise, if you repeatedly break their rules, they will suspend your account.

So be a passionate developer who create original contents, such as original icons that you created yourself or you have permissions to use, original and unique contents. Be assured that if you create original and unique apps, it can send you to success like many successful developers

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