How to Update Microsoft Edge Browser

Update Windows Edge Browser


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For many windows users around the world, Microsoft Windows Edge is the favourite web browser for them, mine too :). Apart from chrome,Firefox etc, Edge stands out unique because it is simple,fast and it appears light weight.

This popular browser is improving with each update, new features are added in each update frequently, but here is a question

How do you update the windows edge browser?

The answer is it is possible to update windows edge, but not separately, why?

Because the Edge browser is part of the  Windows Operating System (OS), So it can’t be updated separately, you can only update it through windows update.

You can go to the windows Settings and select Update & Security, then check for update in the next window

windows update screen


You will be notified here if a new update is available. if an update is available here, you have to update your windows OS to get updates for edge browser too, this is the only way to update the edge browser.



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