Install TWRP CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N915F

Here is How to Install TWRP Recovery on N915F Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

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This procedure is only for samsung galaxy note edge SM-N915F, not for other devices

Before installing the TWRP on your device, make sure your device battery power is at least 30%

You will need

  1. Windows PC, I flashed this TWRP using windows 10
  2. USB Cable
  3. TWRP recovery file
  4. Odin
  5. N915F Note phone with adequate battery charge

Odin is a samsung devices flashing tool and the recovery file is a tar file, you can download both from above links

Starting the installation

First, open the Odin software and go to the AP tab (marked in red), from the AP tab, select the TWRP recovery that you have downloaded

Now put your phone to download mode, you can do this by press and holding the volume down + home key + power key of the galaxy note edge. press and hold all the 3 keys until you feel a vibration.

Release your finger from power key after vibration but keep the other 2 fingers, the download mode will pop up now, then press the volume up key to continue

Now connect the USB cable to your phone

Now in the odin software, you will see the message Added!. This means the device has successfully connected to odin and is ready to install the recovery.

If you fail to connect the device to your computer, you will need install the drivers of your device

Now click Start in the odin, wait a few moments, and it should be installed successfully.

You can check the new recovery by holding volume up+home+power keys

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