Pcbway Boards Review

As i promised that i would be back to write a review of the boards i received from pcbway.com, here is my review

So, i ordered some PCBs from pcbway, my orders were adjustable LED blinker and strobe light, both of these are based on the legend 555 timer chip

PCB design and order

Prior to ordering, there is a wide varieties of options you can choose from to design your PCB, including the pcb color schemes, thickness, materials etc

Production time

The boards production time was fast – within 24 hrs since order, it was ready to be shipped. I must say that pcbway is pretty fast in processing and building your orders. In the website, you can see the production status of PCBs real time


Pricing of pcbway for PCBs is most affordable, as low as $5 for 10 boards – that is a wonderful thing helping you save costs


As for the shipping of your order, wide range of shipping companies are available in the list. Including the DHL, FedEx etc. You can choose a shipping partner that is affordable for you

I received the boards in a few weeks since the shipping. The shipping was arrived in my country india within a few days since shipping, but because it was held by customs for some invoice issues, I got it late, in few weeks.

Pcbway Boards Quality and reliability

I got the boards from DHL, i checked each boards, the boards are high quality and i can tell it was created with high precision and professional machines and good craftsmanship. There is not any slight problem in the boards, all components fit perfectly well, the boards are strong and made with high grade material ensuring a safe and long lasting circuit that is worth every penny you spend for the production.

This tells us that pcbway is the best and professional PCB manufacturer out there and they are kind enough to send me free gifts Inside the package

With 100% satisfaction, my recommendation is the pcbway.com for you if you are looking for a professional, affordable and high quality PCBs for your circuits, be it for a hobby circuit, professional circuit or for mass equipment production companies, pcbway is the one to choose because of the best service, reliability and quality they offer.

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