Realme 5 phone Real Review

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Realme 5 phone personal review

So i have decided to get a new Android device a few days ago and i chose the realme 5.

This Review is based on my use of this device for around a week now.

Let’s look into the technical specifications of this amazing device.

Realme 5 Battery (5000 mAh)

The most important thing i like about this phone is the 🔋 battery life which is amahhzing! It’s a 5000 mAh battery using Li-Po or Li-ion technology, some sources like gsmarena says it’s Li-Po and others say it’s Li-ion, I don’t know which one to believe.

It doesn’t matter, what matters is the battery life and it’s really an awesome battery that lasts amazingly good, even with my intense using of constant Internet, email, YouTube etc it never let me down and that’s really impressive!

It doesn’t have fast charging, but i think it’s okay, it adds up to the massive capacity of the battery and its life.

Realme 5 Processer (Snapdragon 655)

The processor is great, no heating issues at all, it heats up a little when using camera for long time and when charging, other than this, it never heats up.

No lags while playing games

Gaming on realme 5

I have played some intense gaming, of course battery consumption will be higher when gaming, but still battery lasts longer on realme 5

Realme 5 Camera, AI Quad Camera

The realme 5 camera is stunning and of great value for this price.

There’s 4 cameras in the back, wide, macro, depth, main camera.

Of both front and back, the cameras have portrait modes with background blur which gives photos a professional look like in DSLR, it’s front camera is also 13MP and you can take clear,sharp selfies with it.

You will love this phone for just the camera performance and the massive battery.

Realme 5 Display 6.5 inches IPS LCD Display

The display is clear and sharp, sources say it has just around 270 PPI ,but it doesn’t seem like it, it seems clear but not very sharp like my K4 Note, it has 470 ppi

I got a feeling that the display is a bit long, it would have been better if it was 5.5 inches or acceptably 6 inches.

It has an ambient sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness and it seems like sensitive, but that’s not a big issue

Sound, mono speaker

This one i don’t like, well the sound is clear and sharp but it sounds like it is lacking some bass. It has the realsound audio enhancement for earphones, but it’s just wired earphones, Bluetooth device not supported

I miss the sound of my old device k4 note which has stereo speakers and sounds really awesome.

Realme 5 Storage, 3GB ram, 32GB storage

This one is having 3GB ram and 32GB storage, you have around 20GB storage Available and 1.5 GB ram, there’s a 128 GB and 4 or 6 GB variant of realme 5

Realme 5 Design, hardware quality and software

Well the hardware seems to be ok, i got a bright blue one and it looks nice with gradients of blue.

Software is android 9 pie, i got a system update few days ago which added a dark mode feature which totally changed every white background to dark, useful for dark background lovers like me


So that’s what i think about this phone, i suggest you go for it without a second thought if you need a phone with impressive battery life and awesome camera.

It costed me 9200 rupees ($160)

Zidsworld Rating : 4.5/5

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