Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue Facts

Sardar Vallabai Patel statue information, history and facts

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This is the world’s tallest statue (as of 2018 October) located in india’s Gujarat state, inaugurated in 2018 November by prime minister of that time.

Who was sardar vallabai Patel?

He is known as the iron-man of india because of his struggle for India’s independence.

You can read more about him here

About the statue

– It is world’s tallest statue by November 2018

– Total height is 182 meters

– Located around 3.2 kilometers of narmada Dam in Gujarat

– It’s foundation was laid in 2013 October 31 by Narendra Modi

– It took 5 years to build it, some sources say only 33 months

– Estimated cost of the statue’s construction is 2389 Crores Indian money

– Around 327,961,920.00 United States Dollars

– They had to collect iron and other materials throughout india for the construction of this statue

– Design by Ram v suthar from noida

– Constructed by larsen and toubro

– There is a gallery around the statue where 200 people can be hosted

– The gallery is above 193 meters from sea level

– It has the capacity to withstand wind up to 180 km/hr

– Capacity to withstand earthquake up to 6.5 Rich·ter scale

Some of us still don’t understand why india needs these kind of gigantic statues while thousands of people live in poverty and hunger, we need find ways to help poor people of india to eat atleast one meal a day and a place to rest at night before pouring billions of rupees of the tax money of people of india on these kinds of things

The information here will be updated time to time for correction and up to date info

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