Top Covid-Proof Jobs That Saved The Economy

Top Covid-Proof Jobs That Saved The Economy

Many people were forced to find a different career path during the coronavirus outbreak because they were laid off from their work. If this ever happened to you, don’t feel alone. According to TotalJobs, 7 out of 10 people have decided to work in a different industry due to Covid-19. 

Some professionals weren’t able to keep up with their work because they were exposed to the virus or their companies weren’t able to afford their salaries. That’s why many people chose to try their luck in a different career. Here we’ll show you some of the most resilient jobs during the pandemic. 

Teaching and Tutoring

The education industry didn’t stop working. Most schools used remote teaching as a way to overcome the crisis. Besides, students would lose a whole year if they just stopped taking their classes. Teachers and tutors still had a job regardless of the pandemic. They only needed a computer and internet access. 

There are subjects that require a more practical education so remote learning wasn’t a good fit for them. However, online education was a handy alternative for teachers with a more theoretical approach.

Medical and Healthcare

We never realized we had a talent shortage in the healthcare industry until the pandemic arrived. Since there was a high volume of patients, healthcare companies needed to hire personnel massively. They weren’t just hiring doctors and nurses; all types of professionals with the right skills were a good fit to help overcome the pandemic. People with social worker skills were able to provide help. According to TIME, many universities had to turn medical students into doctors in a short time. This way, they’d be able to cope with the healthcare talent shortage.

Software and Web Developers

The remote shopping trend was already popular before the pandemic, but this situation just accelerated it. Since people had to stay home, they depended on online shopping to get things like goods or medicines. This made it almost imperative for the retail industry to optimize their online visibility. 

Therefore, we can see that there was a significant increase in the demand for web developers and software developers. Besides, telemedicine tools were also be very in-demand during the pandemic. Software and web developers help to build and maintain these platforms.

Delivery Services

According to Globe News Wire, there was significant demand for delivery services. People were stuck at home, so there was no such thing as going out to dinner. If you wanted to have pizza you had to order it. Companies like UberEats and Deliveroo saw a huge increase in revenue. Yet, they still needed to be very careful to protect their personnel and avoid spreading the virus. These companies came up with the idea of contactless delivery. This way both, the client and the driver, are safe from catching the virus. 

Fitness Jobs

Just like teachers, fitness instructors can also work remotely. They’re able to provide feedback and share their instructions with their clients through a Zoom meeting. Besides, they can also send them exercise videos that they can practice at home. 

During the quarantine, many people stayed at home without doing any type of activity. According to William Dietz, Director of Sumner M. Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness, people who stay inactive at home are more likely to eat more and gain weight. 

Besides, a recent WebMD survey revealed that more than 1,000 surveyees had gained weight during quarantine. Although it wasn’t a huge number of people who participated in the poll, we can have a brief example of what’s happening to most people. This led to a drastic increase in the demand for fitness trainers, especially during the last months of the year. 


Being resilient is key. We must be able to adapt to different situations so we can make the best out of them. These jobs are just proof of how resilience can help us overcome challenging moments. Most of these professionals such as teachers or developers found innovative ways to stay afloat. It’s very probable that in the future these professions continue to be resilient.

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