Understanding Panic Attack and Anxiety

How to stop anxiety and panic attack, the cure is here

Here’s some self-help tactics and informations that helped me to ‘avoid’ anxiety, hope it will help you too!

The Horrible Experience

One day, you are with your friends and having fun, watching a movie, at work or in some other activities, or you are depressed,scared or have constant anxiety – all of a sudden you feel sick, you feel like your legs are getting weak, you feel light headed, your heart starts to speed up and pounding in your chest, you feel like you aren’t getting enough air to breath.

You sweat and feels sick in tummy, you feel like you need vomit, You feel like something really terrible is going to happen to you and you feel like you are going to die, You feel like you need run to a hospital emergency because you think you gonna have a heart attack!, you really scared now and after a few minutes of harmless agony, you body comes back to it’s normal state but still leaving you terrified about what just happened!

After this incident happens, you continue to to be scared and you feel like your world is about to end. you feel like you have a serious disease and you feel like you need run to the hospital and do all possible tests, even heart and brain tests.

But hey it’s not your mistake because i have felt the same, i have been there, i have walked on the same road that you are walking now, What you just felt or feeling is a Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack!

Anxious Days And Sleepless Nights

Your dark days passes leaving you terrified and you wishing that the panic attack never happen again.

But unfortunately it doesn’t stop, it can’t go away ,it just doesn’t go away, it’s coming back to you, it’s coming back to you again and again. it gives you sleepless nights..you feel like you need to run away from all these agony, but where? where are you gonna run to? where are you gonna hide? you can’t! you don’t know what to do! you may even think of killing yourself, but you are scared to.. but don’t even think about taking your life, you are going to be fine.

So these are what i felt, i was scared to be alone, i always wanted with someone because i thought i need someone to take me to hospital Incase I’m dying.

Finding A Solution, A cure!

Now if you use internet, you look up for a solution, a solution that is gonna help you to escape from this intense fear and you end up people recommend solution such as counseling,medication and some other forms of solution.

You can go for counseling because it may help, but avoid taking meds that helps calm you down, because you might need start living depending on meds if you continue taking it for long, and it’s addictive.

You can take meds for upto a week or two, but avoid taking meds as much as you can because you have a powerful mind! that can fix your problem without taking meds, it’s true..

The reason why continuous panic attack happens is because you are anxious and worried! you scared it’s gonna coming back to you again and you avoid the activities that you once enjoyed. but you know you are your perfect doctor here and you definitely can fix yourself.

Common Causes

Anxiety leads to panic attacks, a broken relationship in the past,jealousy,worry and stress can cause anxiety and sudden panic attacks.

Have you ever woke up from sleep feeling so helpless and sadness because you think of the past, of your good times that you had spent with your Gf or Bf? and you suddenly miss her/him so much after waking up from sleep? i did! i was worried for months, i wasn’t sleeping well for months and i was also a very jealous bf, i believe perhaps this could be the reasons that triggered my brain to Activate my body’s “fight Or Flight” Mode.

Yes , the reason why you feel so terrible when having a panic attack is because of your constant worries or anxiety, your mind feels like you are threatened, you are in danger and you need fight or run, so your brain activates Fight or Flight mode because you need to be saved and be safe because you must fight or run from the danger so the brain Activates adrenal glands which starts to release adrenaline (a stress hormone) to your blood-stream, so your heart rate starts to speed up, your body needs more oxygen when fight or run, that’s why your heart boom boom and feel like you can’t breath well, you feel light headed because you need think well and decision-making that can help you to escape or fight back, you feel nausea because you can move faster if you vomit all that you ate..you feel something bad is going to happen because your mind tells you to escape, that’s why you feel like running.

Now what?

Here are a few solutions that help me

Getting good sleep is important to avoid anxiety, get minimum 8 hour sleep everyday, sleep relaxes mind and helps alot

It’s easier to say to get good sleep, but i know it’s hard to sleep when you have anxiety, but you should try to get good sleep, it helps

1. Let it attack you! do not fight it, let it have you, seriously, the key to avoid anxiety attack is by embracing it, not running away from it, you need face it,this may sound crazy, but this is the key, face and accept your anxiety and it will start fade from your life

2. Believe that a panic attack is nothing but a falsely triggered body’s response to danger when actual danger is not present, so don’t be scared, feel it and let it do whatever it wants to do to you

3. Breath deeply but slow, breath in through your nose, fill your lungs almost full, and exhale, breath out through your mouth. This activates body’s relaxation system, so this can reduce the intensity of panic attack

4. If you feel like you gonna die, be ready to die (it won’t kill you), don’t be scared, believe afterlife is painless disease-free and peaceful.

See death as an escape from all sorrows and sufferings (it calms you down if you really believe it and prepared to die)

5. Believe your heart is a powerful muscle, that won’t fail even if it beats hard for very long time, God designed our body and he made the heart more powerful than other organs of body. panic attack is a system God put in our body to protect us, so it can’t harm us!

6. Don’t tell people what is happening to you, they may make you more anxious, i told my story to a taxi driver and he told me we must not worry too much because it can cause heart problem.

Uh oh! Let me tell you, those words ruined my whole day and i had multiple panic attacks throughout that day, ..and i asked this to several people and they made me even more anxious and i had to take a 0.25 mg alprax pill to calm myself down (this was before i mastering to accept anxiety) because it was a horrible day..i was carrying alprax with me only to use when i feel overwhelming anxiety, but it’s all on our mind.

Calm down and stay away from people that make you anxious. because most people just have baseless opinions

7. Go to hospital and perform a few tests just to know that your body is okay and working normally, it calms your mind because you know your body is okay and it’s panic attack that causes these horrible feelings, not a disease

8. I didn’t have much good friends handy so i had to manage my whole anxiety myself and calm me down myself..how unlucky, so be with your good friends who understands you, avoid talking to friends who makes you anxious

9. Go to a new place, let your body and mind relax, get good sleep.. if you have Ayurveda stores there where you live, find a natural meds called “Ashwagandarishta” it’s from Ayurveda, (Indian natural meds), it’s believed to fix if you have hormone imbalances and mind difficulties

10. Stop looking up diseases and other informations that makes you anxious on net. some websites are filled with lies that can give you worse anxiety

11. You know you start to enjoy little things of your life when you have anxiety, because you felt like you die soon so you start to enjoy life and appreciate everything you have and you may becom a good man. 😉 i know i did.. i quit dipping and smoking because this.

Smoking and using any other form of tobacco can definitely make your anxiety and panic attacks worse

12. Read books and watch videos that can put positive thoughts in your mind, YouTube has a lot of good self help videos, so is internet has lots of self help ebooks

I’m not a doctor, everything i mentioned here are from my own experience. i share my experience here with you so it might help you to get rid of this harmless but terrible panic attacks from your life. your mind is powerful. use it and think well…don’t you be scared..It’s all caused by the negative thoughts in our mind – trust in God and your mind’s power

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