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Unrecord Game - Download, Release Date and More

Monday, January 29, 2024, 3 PM

Unrecord - The most realistic game to date that is yet to release went viral when the game developer DRAMA posted a trailer of it in the social media.

The game looks so real with life like graphics and details that we have not seen any game like it before! it has attracted criticism even before its release for being too realistic like from a police body camera.

Within a few weeks since the game's trailer released, it has been reported that over 700,000 gamers have wishlisted the game on steam - the video game store. You can watch the unrecord game trailer below

Watch Unrecord Trailer

Unrecord Game Development

The game is being developed by DRAMA using the unreal engine 6 and it is expected to be available for PCs only at the moment. But the DRAMA has mentioned that they are open to develop the game for other platforms and consoles.

Unrecord Game Release Date

There is no official date for when the game will be released, but the DRAMA mentioned they are accelerating the development to release as early as possible

Unrecord Game Download

The game is not yet ready to download but it will be available to download on the Steam game store


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