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Google Play Store is Nightmare For Android App Developers

Tuesday, February 13, 2024, 7 PM

Are you an android developer or looking to be an android developer? You should read this

I'm an android app developer and i have been in this field since 2016.

What I'm going to write here is not so thrilling to read if you are a small developer making your own apps and trying to make a living out of your apps.

The reasons you should be worried is this = the Google playstore. Why? What about it? The answer is they don't want your apps if you are not a big development company

Why is that? Because Google playstore is not very developer friendly these days as they used to be in the late android emergence era.

You will never know when your apps going to be removed by Google

If you didn't know, you should know now that as a developer you will have to live in a constant fear for when your apps are going to be removed or suspended by Google. Even if you have done everything right and read all policies and have done all required updates

You have spent days, months or maybe years to develop your app and put so much effort, coded with no sleep all night and days and in the end only to be depressed by an email telling that your android app has been removed or the most shocking email that can cause your heart to stop : "Your developer account has been terminated "

What makes an account termination so scary is that you are out forever. That means you can't create another developer account in playstore. This is a lifetime punishment that in some cases you don't deserve

I know there are some developers that are not good, those that put android users at risk, those that doesn't play by the rules of playstore. In such case, it's a right punishment.

But what about innocent developers who didn't do anything wrong or did a mistake? No, in most cases, there will be no one to hear you except Google bots

Google playstore is automated by bots that randomly remove or suspends apps

I have read in internet the story of so many developers with broken hearts who were living off the apps they developed by very hard work and was dreaming of an independent life being kicked out of playstore forever.

After an app or developer account suspension, the only glimpse of hope for a developer is the appeal process, but 90% time your appeal will be denied and you will be kicked out without giving you a chance to make things right if you done something by mistake.

There's no human at Google to hear your story, most of the time you will get is an automated response by bots.

The automated AI bots that review apps are constantly scanning apps and mistakenly remove apps and suspend apps or developer accounts and it's unfair that Google most of the time agree with actions of bots.

Google is forgetting that we developers made Google Play store the platform they are today by continuosly building apps for Android. Yet they don't provide a chance to make things right for developers if we did a mistake or bots unfairly flagged our apps.

If you are a big android development company, they will hear you, if you aren't, only God can save you.

Admob, the adnetwork operated by Google isn't fair to developers either. See, any person can make your admob account banned by constantly clicking on your app's admob ads.

Admob will ban your account citing "invalid activity". All because someone clicked repeatedly on the ads, it can be your friends just testing your app or your enemies and phew! Your stream of income from app is gone. There are other adnetworks but none is paying fair like admob.

My strong suggestion is Google should make things right as we are humans and will make mistakes, either by forgetting their new policies or by common mistakes, or we developers must quit android development and try something else. This may happen soon if Google not taking action on this


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