Windows Automatic Update causing malfunctions in Computers

Ok this is one of the many times my personal computer acting up after trying itself to update the windows automatically, so i thought i must share this with the world

What i experienced?

I experienced several serious problems that i couldn’t fix in the PC, softwares automatically closing, appearing “Aw, snap” messages in the chrome web browser repeatedly, System restarting and rebooting itself, freezing, and BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

What caused it?

The reason what it caused is windows was trying to download updates in the background, and then it tried to install it – rebooted the system itself and tried to install it, but failed and told me that i need recovery tools because system encountered issues while trying to install update.

Well, i long pressed the power button and restarted the PC, booting was done like before, normal. But in a few minutes, the entire system started to malfunction.

I mainly work on Android studio and it was closing itself even after so many attempts.

The reason could be corrupted windows files

Finding a Solution to Fix windows 10

I began searching for a solution to fix my windows laptop, you know it’s not good to reinstall windows because you will lose something, maybe programs or files in the c drive.

I tried the sfc/scannow and the DISM tool. None of it worked, the only thing fixed my windows was reinstallation of the windows. Yes, other solutions didn’t work.

And it looks like the update messed up my Ram too. Removing the external ram from the laptop and reinstalling the windows fixed the issues for now. I need replace my ram now and see my PC at work again.

So it’s best to avoid automatic update service of windows, it never do any good to my PC but always malfunctioned my system.

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